the innovative and smart way to prepare children for the age of IT and AI. In today’s tastpaced technological landscape, human creativity is more valuable than ever before. That’s why KX SMART Play is a school that nurtures children’s skills such as imagination, problem-solving ability, communication, cooperation, and information literacy from an early age.

Advantages of KX SMART Play

Expert Supervision

iMAF’s network fo experienced professionals from universities and the private sector provides entrepreneurs with valuable advice and guidance.

Hands-on learning

At KX SMART Play, you will not only gain theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills through hands-on learning experiences.

Team-based learning

KX SMART Play encourages teamwork, providing an opportunity for you to develop your communication and collaboration skills. By coming up with ideas and discussing them with your team, you will learn to work effectively with others towards common goals.


KX SMART Play is proud to offer STEAM education

an innovative educational concept that combines Science, Technology, Engineering, Art (liberal arts), and Mathematics. By learning in these five fields, children can become competitive human resources who are well-prepared to adapt to the IT society of the future.

We invited curious and adventurous children to join us on this exciting journey towards developing their full potential. Come and experience the advantages of KX SMART Play!