Startup Support

IP Clinic

Startups and successful businesses need IP advice and assets to grow in the global market. KX RIPE empowers you to fill this niche. KX RIPE projects include invention review, patentability assessment, patent drafting, patent translation, patent filling, FT0, confidentiality agreements, and/or identifying public domain technology for commercialization in Thailand.

Design Clinic

Catalyse innovation in enterprises by creating an environment that would facilitate knowledge flow and stimulate the generation of ideas and innovation.

Finance Clinic

Thai Fintech Association supports the development of Bangkok as one of the leading Fintech hubs in South East Asia. An inclusive, not-for-profit association that fasters an open dialogue for the region's Fintech Community.

Bringing together all the 'mover & shaker' under one roof, the Thai Fintech Association, the voice and nexus of the Fintech industry in Thailand.


On the 13th floor Hatch helps to develop the future entrepreneurs from skilled KMUTT Students and Alumni. So far they have ran the incubator programmes for 55 teams and accelerated 11.
They are the exceptional resource for the KX ecosystem to find talent and support the development of member businesses with experienced mentoring and coaching.

As the integrated multi-vertical university accelerator/incubator, they are trusted by industry players.