Urgent Call for Startups & Entrepreneurs to Build COVID-19 Situation Solutions Together!

Mengqian Li on 30 March 2020

It is an important time for entrepreneurs to support our society, economy, and infrastructure!

Techbite is a venture building program where startups face off each other to build solutions to problems. It is both an entertaining and educational way to encourage social action at these difficult times.

| Details

- Customized fast Grants, Reimbursements and additional 100,000 THB for prototyping provided by NIA (National Innovation Agency)
- Access to Mentors, Consultants, Designers, Developers, Engineers, 3D printing, PCB assembly and more

▶ Apply here as a participanthttps://forms.gle/8Dp1ixhnWRfDWdk37

| Mentors

To support the participants of the TECHBITE V.S. COVID-19 Hackathon in April on their way to creating an ingenious solution against Covid-19, we are looking for volunteer mentors! Feel free to complete the form through the link below in your preferred language and thank you already for your contribution!

▶ Apply here as a mentor: https://forms.gle/sQZDzexrVuoRRkeB6