Panel Discussion Highlights: Deep Tech Investment: Navigating Opportunities and Challenges

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The Panel Discussion on “Deep Tech Investment: Navigating Opportunities and Challenges” and ANT Demo Day held at KX Knowledge Xchange brought together renowned experts and aspiring entrepreneurs in the field of deep tech innovation. The event, organized by King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT), showcased the remarkable progress made through the ANT Accelerator program, which aims to drive entrepreneurial transformation and commercialization of groundbreaking technologies.

During the panel discussion, Dr. Piengpen Wongnapapan, Lead Technology Commercialization at Siriraj Vittayavijai, emphasized the importance of intellectual property (IP) protection in attracting investors. She highlighted the need for a strong competitive analysis, product-market fit, and effective strategies to differentiate from competitors. Dr. Piengpen also stressed the significance of government support for incubation programs and the role of universities in fostering entrepreneurship among researchers.

Nattawat Nirdnoy, CVC Investment Manager at GC Ventures, highlighted the advantage of startups backed by reputable research institutions. He emphasized the global scalability of technologies and the need for startups to think beyond local markets. Nattawat emphasized the importance of technology adaptability, customer-centric approaches, and continuous learning to meet evolving market needs.

Nareerat Saetiew, CEO & Co-founder of InsightEra, shared valuable insights from her entrepreneurial journey. She emphasized the importance of understanding business goals and scalability when developing technologies for commercialization. Nareerat encouraged researchers and students to engage with customers, seek feedback, and learn from both customers and venture capitalists.

Ashwani Ahuja, Managing Director of Investment Banking at Pi Securities Public Company Limited, emphasized the need to showcase deep tech startups to a broader range of investors. He highlighted the importance of scalability, adaptability, and collaboration with existing platforms to enhance growth opportunities.

Asst. Prof. Chanita Wongviriyawong, CEO & Co-founder of EATLAB, highlighted the need for entrepreneurs to ride the wave of technological advancements. She emphasized the significance of identifying the right time to enter the market and aligning innovations with major industry trends.

The event concluded with a strong emphasis on unlocking entrepreneurial potential, empowering researchers and students to become successful entrepreneurs. The ANT Accelerator Program equips participants with financial support, workshops on crucial business aspects, and personalized mentoring by international experts.

The ANT Demo Day showcased the achievements of startups that emerged from the KMUTT. This program, in collaboration with PMUC, RIPO, and Techbite by KX Knowledge Xchange, provides KMUTT researchers and innovators with funding, workshops, mentoring, and access to an innovation ecosystem. The ANT Accelerator Program focuses on Automation, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and the Internet of Things, enabling participants to transform their ideas into thriving businesses.

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