Explore ANT Accelerator: KMUTT’s Research Incubation Program, a important mechanism for becoming an Entrepreneur University

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King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT) is propelling its entrepreneurial transformation through the ANT Accelerator program. In collaboration with PMUC, RIPO, and Techbite by KX Knowledge Xchange, this program empowers KMUTT’s researchers and innovators to become successful entrepreneurs. With comprehensive support including funding, workshops, mentoring, and access to a vibrant innovation ecosystem, ANT Accelerator drives the commercialization of groundbreaking technologies and fosters an entrepreneurial spirit.

Unlocking Entrepreneurial Potential

The ANT Accelerator Program offers an exceptional opportunity for KMUTT students and researchers to transform their ideas into thriving businesses. Focused on Automation, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and the Internet of Things, the program provides substantial financial backing, workshops on crucial topics, and personalized one-on-one mentoring by international experts.

Demo Day Highlights

During the highly anticipated Demo Day event, eight exceptional teams from KMUTT took the stage, illuminating the transformative potential of the ANT Accelerator Program. These teams exemplify the program’s efficacy in nurturing ideas and translating them into tangible solutions that address pressing challenges. Let’s take a closer look at some of the standout projects presented on this remarkable occasion:

  • Komilo: Elevating Dairy Farm Productivity through Smart Estrus Detection
  • !Xu: Revolutionizing Skincare through Personalization and Customization
  • NPI: Creating Sensible Mattresses to Prevent Pressure Injuries
  • Bever: Enhancing Intralogistic Efficiency in Healthcare with Indoor Localization Technology
  • EVME: Empowering Efficient EV Charging Solutions
  • C-Elyst: Harnessing Green Hydrogen Production from Seawater
  • Osseolabs: Pioneering 3D-Printing Technology for Medical Implants and Surgical Solutions
  • Modgut: Delivering Personalized Microbiome Data Analysis and Consultations for Improved Health



Empowering Startups with ANT Accelerator and Techbite

Supported by Techbite, the ANT Accelerator Program offers validation, launch, and scaling support to startups. Techbite provides a comprehensive range of services, including business consulting, software development, legal support, and fundraising assistance. The program has received 488 applications from 11 countries, with 38 teams securing vital financial support. Techbite’s partnerships with over 80 corporate entities further expand the resources available to startups.

“The ANT program is a significant milestone for KMUTT. It serves as a key component of a larger project aimed at establishing a competency technology transfer platform. The primary objective of the ANT program is to accelerate the adoption of technology and cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit among our talented staff and students. This initiative perfectly aligns with our university’s vision of becoming a leading entrepreneurial, sustainable science and technology institution in ASEAN,” said Dr. Kanyawim Kirtikara, Senior Vice President for Research and Innovation at KMUTT.

The ANT Accelerator Program acts as a catalyst for KMUTT’s entrepreneurial transformation. With its comprehensive support system, it empowers researchers and innovators to turn their ideas into successful businesses. We provide business planning guidance, access to mentors, networking opportunities, and funding assistance. These initiatives collectively contribute to KMUTT’s vision of becoming a leading entrepreneurial institution, bridging the gap between academia and industry while driving economic growth and societal development.

Discover more about the program at https://kxinnovation.com/techbite-accelerator/

For partnership inquiries, reach out to contact@kxinnovation.com

Together, let’s pave the way for a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem and drive innovation to new heights.