KX Knowledge Xchange supports the creation and development of business projects in the deep tech, creative economy & sciences through sharing knowledge between universities and the market. Our goal is to become a world class innovation ecosystem that contributes to the development of the new economic paradigm in Thailand which is more innovative, ethical and sustainable


Here at KX Knowledge Xchange, we help companies entrepreneurs to find applicable and technological solution with KMUTT University.

KMUTT has designated KX Knowledge Xchange to be the center that facilitates the exchange of knowledge, technology and innovation among KMUTT academics, farward-looking startups and SMEs in order to elevate Thailand’s technological and innovation competency, while KMUTT facilities and students are granted with opportunities to gain experiences from “Real World” issues and opportunities to work on real-demand-driven research.


To become the leading Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center in Thailand, driving innovation through Open Innovation and Knowledge Exchange mechanisms to promote sustainable development and enhance the country’s competitiveness.


Our goal is to enhance technology and innovation for small and medium enterprises, and to foster the growth of technology-based startups by creating an innovation ecosystem through close collaboration among universities, government organizations, and the private sector.

  • To serve as a catalyst for creating technological strength and fostering innovation among small and medium-sized enterprises, enabling them to adapt to technological changes and maintain their competitiveness.
  • To develop a strong innovation ecosystem that promotes the growth of startups by supporting Access to capital, technology, market opportunities and necessary resources.
  • To be an important mechanism for effectively applying university research results to the economic sector and society.

” KX connects the innovation ecosystem for entrepreneurs and startups to develop new ideas and launch them successfully. Through collaboration among government, businesses, and civil society, we support the sustainability of innovative businesses, create value for the country, and promote higher education to keep up with changes. “

Patrachart Komolkiti, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer


Chief Executive Officer
Patrachart Komolkiti, Ph.D.

Deputy Chief Executive Officer
Wannaphop KlomKlieng

Senior Vice President 
Keita Ono, Ph.D.

Department of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development

Assistant COO
Asst.Prof. Pakorn Supinanont, Ph.D.

Assistant COO
Khuanruan Jantawong

Assistant COO
Tidarat Rawboon

Assistant COO
Pornnipa Toomhome

Assistant COO
Aunyanat Rattanasatitkul

Program Coordinator
Thitiporn Marangsee

Learner Support 
Kittiya Wongyai

Business Technology Management Officer
Similan Lerlrat

Business Technology Management Officer
Panarin Hannongbua

Business Technology Management Officer
Papada Ratchaphaew

Business Technology Management Officer 
Theeraporn Aonphum

Business Technology Management Officer
Jangkamol Bunbarung

Business Technology Management Officer
Patjamaphon Muanphothong

Business Technology Management Officer
Passakorn Yanjinda

Business Technology Management Officer 
Kornrawee Srithareerit

Business Technology Management Officer
Wipa Sukkham

Business Technology Management Officer
Niranuch Peekeaw

Business Partner Lead
Pasinee Soithong

Department of Innovation and Business Ecosystem Development

Operation Manager
Poungphet Bradley

Back-Office Manager
Siriwan Suanthong

Growth Manager 
Soranut Papungkornkit

Space Manager
Chalita Matwung

Space Manager
Podjana Keawpanpha

Program Manager
Jariyaporn Chakhonmattakul

Assistant Program Manager 
Suntisuk Saikurkul

Assistant Program Manager
Thatchawanon Nantanaranon

Fablab Business Consultant
Rattapong Lordthong

Fablab Manager
Teerasak Sirijan

Community Manager 
Mengqian Li

Siriwan Wirunpan

Administrative Officer
Nutsuda Thamjarpenporn

Technical Manager
Bandit Plaiwichit

Technical Manager 
Pornprasert Champrasert

Content Creator
Orawan Ngoyphala


KX Advisor
David Knull

Advisor for Innovation Ecosystem Development
Eliza Stefaniw

Marketing Strategy Advisor 
Matas Denielevicius

Venture Building Advisor 
Jutas Rinkevicius

Fablab Advisor
Pornyos Chattarakul